How to Prevent and Treat Common Summer Ailments From Bug Bites to Poison Ivy

Summer is packed full of all sorts of fun activities. From family picnics to outdoor hikes, there’s no shortage of fun in the sun. However, with so much more time spent outside, there’s a much larger risk of summer ailments. It could be bug bites or poison ivy or even seasonal allergies. 

Whatever minor injuries or illnesses you experience this summer, our urgent care team led by Ruchir Thakker, DO, at NewMed Immediate Care is ready to provide you with excellent care. But, we also want to offer you some ways to prevent and treat these summer ailments. So, here’s some common ones and how to give yourself preventative care:

Common summer ailments

While there are many different illnesses and injuries that can befall you in the summer, here’s some that we see most often:

Bug bites

Many insects and arachnids will bite or sting you if you get too close. While many bites or stings will only cause mild discomfort, some people can have serious allergic reactions to the venom from these bugs. Symptoms can include swelling, itching, and difficulty breathing.

In order to prevent bug bites and stings, wear hats and clothes that provide full coverage in neutral colors, avoid scented lotions and perfumes, and use bug spray. To treat a bug bite or sting, wash the affected area thoroughly and apply ice to reduce swelling. If you think you’re having an allergic reaction, then seek medical attention.

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body gets overheated after exposure to high temperatures. Symptoms can include large amounts of sweating and a fast pulse. If left untreated, it can lead to heatstroke — a life-threatening condition.

In order to prevent heat exhaustion, wear loose-fitting clothing, stay hydrated, and protect yourself against sunburn. If you do find yourself suffering from heat exhaustion, rest in a cool place and drink plenty of cool fluids.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning is very common during the summer. Trips to the pool and summer barbecues are summertime staples. However, sharing all that food and having it left out in high temperatures increases the risk of food-borne illnesses. 

To prevent food poisoning, make sure and wash your hands thoroughly before handling food and keep food in a cool and dry place to prevent it from spoiling. If you do end up with food poisoning, staying hydrated is key.

Poison ivy

Poison ivy is a common poisonous plant that causes an itchy allergic reaction if your skin comes into contact with it. Common summer activities like gardening, hiking, and landscaping can all put you at risk for exposure to poison ivy.

The best way to avoid contact with poison ivy is to learn what it looks like so you can stay away from it. If you do end up exposing yourself to it, wash your hands thoroughly and wash all of your clothing as well. Try to avoid itching; use anti-itch creams and antihistamines to relieve some of the itching.

Next steps

If you find yourself suffering from any of these summer ailments and at-home treatment isn’t working, come see our urgent care team located in Rolling Hill, Illinois, so we can treat them for you. You can do this by giving us a call ahead of time at 847-386-2523 or by simply walking in for an appointment.

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